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March 14, 2008


Roy capps

I have a sheriff that is our animal enforcement officer.He is a puppet!.We saved a small dog that had been abandoned.Those that abandoned the animal and two others are on the run(warrents for them)They had there grandmother who bought the animal come to court.We were forced to give the animal to her.The judge sentenced it to death.We WERE NOT ALLOWED to PRESENT our side of the CASE.The JUDGE represented the Plaintiff.She asked for money saying we had refused her.The JUDGE changed the way the Affidavitt was written in court for the lady.I had been to the Sheriff,filed complaints,to the DA Larry Grant whom looked me in the eye and said even if I let the Sheriff write up a charge I will not Prosecute any animal charge.This is why we were not allowed to present our case.We have Vets saying abuse occurred.The plaintiff lady (may she rot in hell)lied sio much they ran together.She had not had the animal in nearly 9 months and the Judge had to ID it for her.Corrupt,my God yes corruption runs rampant here.Those that are supposed to support and enforce the laws(even to animals) refuse to do so.I have wriiten the Oklahoma Gov.The Senetor the TV ,the OSBI.No will do anything.Our belief in America has been shattered and those responsable for this tragic event,those that withheld the truth, those that pretend to stand for right shall suffer a vengence that will see the end of there days.Am I angry,I am past angry.I am an American.I believe in the Law and the Constitution says that when those that represent us no longer do so it is not just our right but our duty to rise up and remove those from power.Those that have the animal,I pray they choke on there food every day.She weighed 3.6 lbs when we saved her from the highway,she would pee herself if you moved your hand.She had worms crawling out her anus her right eye was matted shut,she was covered in ticks and fleas and this lady had the nerve to say she had been feeding her every other day.I have exhausted all my means to get the animal back.I am fightind a system of law and government that does not favor those armed with the truth and those that are in the right but rather a gov.that bends to the wicked.My life shall soon be over as I will give it for the cause.But those of you out there should know these names.Steve W.Billy Rosa Counsil,Patricia Counsil.They are animal abusers of the worse kind.Judge Lowwell Burgess.Sheriff Jimmy Duncan,DA,s Laura Wallis and Larry Grant.I do not know what to tell you in your fight with the sheriff but for me the answer is one I have thought hard on.I must sacrifice my life for right and truth.Thats all anyone seems to understand or want to cover these days.Yeah I called and wrote TV..Notta there either..Evil wins all the time,its a sad truth.Our country will fall because of it.I will at least know in my heart I was able to give my life to rid it of a few vermin..I wish you the best of luck..R


I have two dogs.I want to protect the nature.So i have a blog about paleontology.The ancient animals.this blog i like it very much.


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John Lochrie

Nice Post....keep it up !!!! Good job

John Lochrie

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Madeleine Pickens

Can you help us stop the mass murder and imprisonment of 33,000 wild horses and burros! The Wild Horse Foundation has a plan that offers a solution, but we need your help! Please stop this trail of carnage and public waste by contacting Ken Salazar at the Bureau of Land Management at the link below:


Animal Rights

Horrible acts like these should stop immediately! Watch our video at http://wwww.earthlings.com about animal cruelty and animal rights, and what you can do to stop this.


Where do Donations to the HSUS Go?




Gas chambers are totally inhumane and most states no longer use them for execution of condemned prisoners. It infuriates me that people continue to disregard the fact that animals have feelings such as pain, fear, etc. I wish they could talk (and fight back with lawyers).


In this case the judge was wrong to sentence the animal to death before hearing your side of the story.




aimee gasque

i believe that no animal should suffer.i also believe that since our country is ao eager to put an innocent animal to sleep because there's no room for them,why can't we start putting humans who break the law r not welcome back in our sociaty b put to sleep. the same cruel way they do animals. that is justice for me & alot cheaper on the wking tax payers


it's time to protest again! I just bought 25 of these animal right shirts for my organization. this place has alot of vegan and animal rights shirts at very cheap prices. plus free shipping on all orders. help support them to help support the cause


Dogtra Joni

No animals should suffer plain and simple.

Dogtra ys500

Ross Wolfe

Recently I wrote a blog entry offering a leftist critique of the ideology of "Green" environmentalism, eco-friendliness, and lifestyle politics in general (veganism, "dumpster diving," "buying organic," etc.). I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the matter and any responses you might have to its criticisms.

mind-fried blog

Porn is the answer to animal rights

mind-fried blog

Porn is the answer to animal rights.



please see my messages at, happycow.net (search) 4mula1, why animal research must stop, cruelty free charities, vegan by design, my two quotes, ect.. GREAT!.. for letter writing!..




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